Sales Tax Returns

We file hundreds of sales tax returns each year for our business clients in Los Angeles, especially the San Fernando Valley. Often we are able to remotely log in an download the necessary data to file your sales tax returns which saves time and money on each engagement. We are very efficient at what we do and can remove this hassle from your life.

Many of our clients maintain websites and sell product all over the state of California. This of course creates the necessity to not only bill appropriate sales tax in California but also to remit the tax by completing the Board of Equalization’s detailed sales tax return form for district tax. We are experts in setting up your accounting systems, including e-commerce web carts, so that the necessary reporting is available for filing your sales tax returns. We are also highly efficient at filing these sales tax returns and can file them on your behalf should you choose.

Sales Tax Return Filing
$35/month OR $75/quarter (Avg.)
Determine Taxable/Untaxable Sales
Calculate Sales Tax
Prepare Sales Tax Return
File Sales Tax Return with Government Entities

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